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Microarray Time course data from Arbeitman et al. (filter on stage and ratio)    Genes

Show gene expression data for a particular developmental stage according to the Arbeitman et al data set and filter this data on the median signal ratio. This template allows you to query on the general stage: use LIKE *Embryo*; *Larvae*; *Metamorphosis*; *Adult female* or *Adult male*. The templates Microarray Time course data from Arbeitman et al (filter on specific stage (and ratio)) --> Genes [D. melanogaster], allow you to filter on more specific stages. Note that the reference sample in this experiment is pooled mRNA representing all stages of the life cycle.
  1. MicroArray Assay > Sample 2 - Show expression results for developmental stage:
  2. Microarray Result > Value - Only show results which have a median signal ratio of:
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